Hi, I'm Kristy Schulenberg your friendly potter and owner of Mud Tree Designs.  I work out of my home studio in Vienna, VA.

I have enjoyed pottery and it's been my zen ever since I was introduced to it in High School.  I went to college and grad school for Education (St. Bonaventure and Nazareth) and spent most of my adult career alternating between teaching and raising my 3 kiddos while doing a little pottery on the side.  It wasn't until a few years ago that I really got back into it.

Relying on creating pottery for my sanity during the pandemic convinced me to finally start my own business.  My focus at Mud Tree is in making small batch, functional works of art that you can use every day to add a little love to your life. The idea of someone reaching for their favorite Mud Tree mug for their morning coffee puts joy in my heart.

My husband finds relaxation in his hobby of woodworking. So I hope to offer some of his wonderful creations as well when they are available.

Giving back has always been important to our family, so with each purchase from Mud Tree Designs, we will give a portion to local charities helping to fight food insecurity.